sharing an umbrella with someone seems cute but in practice it is 100% horrible and you both end up getting angry and wet

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She was pretty in the kind of way that said she’d run a dagger through your heart and still keep smiling the whole time.
Richelle Mead, Silver Shadows (via mashamorevna)

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if you tickle me it’s either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence

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loitering is basically the illegal act of existing while not spending money

isn’t capitalism fun

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Sleepwalking by Bring Me The Horizon (via thatrandommusicthing)

Sleepwalking by Bring Me The Horizon (via thatrandommusicthing)

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Moment of silence for all the great first seasons that led to terrible shows.

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i get butterflies when i think about myself

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  • person: how long does it take to get there?
  • me: 3 songs

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